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Using Facebook

I’ve taken many photos this year in an effort to increase my knowledge of photography and composition. I always find learning through practice is the best way.

So I went through the thousands of pictures and picked out six. They are a mixture of portrait and landscape photos and I like them all. But I want to see which one others think is the best.

To find out I have upload the six to Facebook and have asked my friends to comment/like on the on they think is best. I’m looking forward to seeing which one they choose.

These are the six photos I uploaded.


Video Pending

The good news: The first video is done and ready to upload.

The bad news: I’m in the land of awful internet connection and unable to upload videos.

But I’m only here for three more weeks and then I move back to the land of fast internet and I will upload it then. In the meantime I will work on video number two and upload some of my recent photography for you to enjoy.

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