2011 at the Movies

Here’s a list of the films that I found most enjoyable in 2011

7) Super 8

A salute to the classic Spielberg film making. Some have describe Super 8 as Abrams love letter to Spielberg. It is an entertaining and well shot film.


6) Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Fantastic use of motion capture. The film had me rooting for the apes and was nicely paced. does a good job at explaining the origins of the planet of the apes story.


5) Drive

I found this a raw film. It has a good slow but tense build up and then it just explodes into full on action.


4) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

A very good film, giving the saga an epic end. So 5/5 in my book… very entertaining.

However! There is one scene that really annoys me. It’s the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort (SPOILER) in which Harry finally kills him. In the book the two are surrounded by what seems to be everyone in the magical world, all watching to see how it’ll end. In the film its just Harry and Voldemort, everyone else is elsewhere not watching. Once the deed is done, Harry goes into the great hall where everyone has gathered and there are all smiles and hugs.

I like to think that when Harry went into the great hall there was a scene which was cut out. In which Harry says something like this:

“Yeah, Yeah, I Killed him, most powerful wizard of all time my ass. What? You guys didn’t see? You came though all this shit with me and you couldn’t be bothered to watch me finish it.”


“Seriously, He’s dead. It’s all over. How did I kill him? With a disarming spell. Yeah, and he just evaporated, it was epic. No joke, you should’ve seen it.’

3) Hugo

I felt this film had a little bit of magic to it. Really enjoyed the films immersion and love of the art of film making.



2) The Skin I Live in

A creepy film with an outstanding performance from Antonio Banderas. Reminded me a lot of Oldboy (one of my favorite films).



1) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

My favorite film of 2011 was also the last one I saw. I loved the books and like the Swedish films, but this version blew me away. Far better then the Swedish version and keeps in a lot  detail from the book. The screenplay adaptation was well thought out, the music was great, acting was real and believable and luckily they kept the film in the dark, threatening atmosphere that the book creates so well. I saw it in a packed cinema and when the credits started rolling the audience was in utter silence and didn’t start talking until they were out of the doors. Fantastic.


2012 looks set to be a good year with some awesome films being released. The Amazing Spider, Prometheus, Pixar’s next original film Brave, a return to middle earth with The Hobbit. But most excitingly of all Christopher Nolan is back with the final installment in his Batman trilogy; The Dark Knight Rises.


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