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Broken Glass

Music Video – “Broken Glass” was written and performed by Brett Davies. Filmed and edited by Aaron Williams.

Shot on a Canon EOS 7D in South Wales, this film was first edited in FCP7 as a rough cut. It was then transfered to Premiere Pro via XML to take advantage of the programes dynamic link with After Effects. The trimming, colouring and final cut were then all done in Premiere and After Effects (for stabilizing). Colouring was helped by Red Giants Magic Bullet Looks plugin.


INSIDE — Episode 2: Day 4 (by

INSIDE — Episode 2: Day 4 (by TheInsideExperience)

INSIDE — Day 1 (by T

INSIDE — Day 1 (by TheInsideExperience)

First part of the social film. Meet Christina Perasso. She is trapped in a room with only a laptop and an internet connection. With the help of her friends, family and you, she just might be able to find her way out…

INSIDE — Official First Look Trailer (by

INSIDE — Official First Look Trailer (by TheInsideExperience)

first look at Hollywood’s first Social Film, brought to you by Intel and Toshiba, from the director of “Disturbia” starring Emmy Rossum and You. 

An Easy DSLR Audio Setup for a Crew of One

Link: An Easy DSLR Audio Setup for a Crew of One

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 review

(!!!!!!!!! CONTAINS SPOILER !!!!!!!!!!)

First off I am in no way disappointed with the film. In fact I think it was very good, giving the saga an epic end. So 5/5 in my book… very entertaining.

However! There is one scene that really annoys me. It’s the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort (SPOILER) in which Harry finally kills him. In the book the two are surrounded by what seems to be everyone in the magical world, all watching to see how it’ll end. In the film its just Harry and Voldemort, everyone else is elsewhere not watching. Once the deed is done, Harry goes into the great hall where everyone has gathered and there are all smiles and hugs.

I like to think that when Harry went into the great hall there was a scene which was cut out. In which Harry says something like this:

“Yeah, Yeah, I Killed him, most powerful wizard of all time my ass. What? You guys didn’t see? You came though all this shit with me and you couldn’t be bothered to watch me finish it.”


“Seriously, He’s dead. It’s all over. How did I kill him? With a disarming spell. Yeah, and he just evaporated, it was epic. No joke, you should’ve seen it.’

Nick Swinglehurst’s presentation on film editing

Nick Swinglehurst’s presentation on film editing

Haywire Official Trailer (by

Haywire Official Trailer (by HaywireMovie)

Committed to the Professional – Burbank Event Highlights (by

Committed to the Professional – Burbank Event Highlights (by avid)

nice idea for a short film

nice idea for a short film

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