So you’re Thor… I’m not impressed

(contains spoilers)

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a bad film just disappointing. My three qualms with the film are:

  1. The Hammer in the Stone that only the rightful owner can pull out. Hang on this rings a bell… I’m thinking King Arthur?… The Sword in the Stone?
  2. Thor’s band of merry idiots. I can only guess that these Viking armored idiots were in the film to get the laughs… well they weren’t funny and looked like they fell out of a bad Monty Python rip off.
  3. Lastly: Thor’s long exile. Thor is exiled form Asgard because he’s being a cock (summarising). Striped of his powers, he’s sent to Earth to learn his lesson. As far as I could tell Thor learns this lesson in three days, gets his powers back and returns home. Even for the god of thunder that’s impressive.

Thor (2011)     5 out of 10


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