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Using Facebook

I’ve taken many photos this year in an effort to increase my knowledge of photography and composition. I always find learning through practice is the best way.

So I went through the thousands of pictures and picked out six. They are a mixture of portrait and landscape photos and I like them all. But I want to see which one others think is the best.

To find out I have upload the six to Facebook and have asked my friends to comment/like on the on they think is best. I’m looking forward to seeing which one they choose.

These are the six photos I uploaded.


Editor Interviews – Pietro Scalia

This final one is my favourite section of the interview. Scalia talks about the power of not cutting and keeping with a shot.

Sunrise In The Fading Summer

This is my first ever time lapse. I created it down in Dorset (UK) on the beach. I had to get up very early and it was pretty cold, till the sun was up.

This 32 second video shows about one hour going by.

As I mentioned early this is my first time lapse, but I found it very exciting to make and I intend to make more in the future.

More Enthusiasms

Using Vimeo instead of you tube now for my video uploads. So heres the same video as last time but on Vimeo


Every great film should seem new every time you see it – Roger Ebert

As Promised

So here it is finally, brought to you from the land of the fast internet. My first blog film.¬†It’s called Enthusiasms and its a video montage.¬†Edited to the great Johnny Cash song: ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’

This montage depicts the film gangsters life; a mess of violence, loss, drugs, money, romance and death. I also try and get my enthusiasm for movies across. Edited using Final Cut Pro 7



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