Chasing That Dream

I’m going to be a film editor and this blog is going to help me reach that goal (tell you how in a bit).

You might be asking yourself what is Shootable Shorts? It’s my film production name. I created it to produce short films that had more thought and cinematic story in them than the 1001 gimmicky student films that are made daily (although I’m sure I’ve contributed to this number, it’s all part of the learning curve I guess)

What am I going to blog about?

  1. My film projects. Scripts I’m writing, films I’m shooting and things I’m editing
  2. A photo gallery
  3. Film reviews/thoughts
  4. Thoughts on Film news

A few things yes, but all related to film. So how is this going to help me on my career path to becoming a feature film editor? Well by keeping me on track, making me work and think about film on a regular basis.

To the reader of this blog I hope you find my journey entertaining.


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