Week One Review

(Originally posted 22/11/09)

My first week at the LFA is over. It’s been a busy week in which I’ve had 24 hours of lectures, taken 144 photos, drawn 92 pictures and drafted 1 script. I’m not complaining its been fantastic. I’ve learnt new things, met new people and enjoyed every second.

One day this week was put aside for directing. A director and two professional actors ran through some basic directing techniques with us. We also got a chance to work one on one with the actors and each directed a short scene with them. A very enjoyable day and one that has helped me believe more firmly in becoming a director.

Other than the directing workshop we were mostly concentrating on creating our own individual stories that would go on to be shot if chosen. We developed the stories as a prose storyboard and also took still photos to show our ideas. The stories that everyone came up with were widely different and all very interesting. Four of these stories are being turned into short films, sadly mine is not one of them but I agree with the choices the tutors made, they all have great potential. Students work on all the films but are split into four teams of three. These three are given the roles Director, Producer and DOP which are chosen by the tutor. You play these roles on your film and then on the others you fill in different roles such as Gaffer, Loader and Focus Puller therefore experiencing a different role on each film.

I’ve been picked to be director on one of these films, Sabotage, which of course I’m over the moon about because there was some steep competition.

This coming week will I’m sure will be just as busy as the last, if not more. I have many lectures on producing, lighting and camera operating. I will also be working a lot on the pre-production of Sabotage with my producer and DOP so that we are ready for the shoot which is in 9 days time. I shall keep you posted on the events of the week.


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