Shooting Sabotage

(Originally posted 05/12/09)

Well, the first thing that was to go out the window was the schedule. It took us all an hour and twenty minutes to get to the location which was on the other side of London. But we all got there and the crew of 10 all got busy setting up the camera and lighting. I went straight to work with my actors running through the shot order with them so they knew what we doing and when.

Throughout the day problems arose that needed me to think on my feet and somehow get the shot. The main one that comes to mind was a shot where we needed a ‘fisheye’ lens to get the shot but for some reason it had been left at the film school. To solve this we put on the widest lens we had and repositioned the camera a little. This gave us a shot that looked close enough to the one that I wanted.

The main problem we had was time. We had so little time shoot in and so much to shoot. The 1st AD really saved the day here, she kept us going and managed to talk me into cutting out a few shots and tweaking others so that we got two shots in one and thanks to her we finished pretty much on time. I also have to give the actors a nod of gratitude here as they were fantastic in getting the shots mostly in one take.

Although the pressure was on all day to deliver, I was mostly excited rather than stressed and was very happy when I got to hand deliver the film to Soho film lab for developing.


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