My Goal (From Old Blog)

(Originally posted 10/11/09)

Hi I’m Aaron.

This is my blog about filmmaking. More specifically my attempts to get into the film industry. I have made three short films to date, all bad. Made with no budget and no clue they were still a worthwhile experience. I learnt a lot just through trial and error and although re-watching the films is painful I am happy to say there is a slight improvement in each one. I think learning from my mistakes is going to be a key skill for my journey into filmmaking.

This messing around with a video camera and friends has given me the ‘bug’ for filmmaking. I feel comfortable, confident and creative when I’m on a film set. It’s like being at home. When I was first trying my hand at filming I had grand ideas of becoming the next Tarantino, however now I have my heart set on a career in film I need to get my own vision and stories onto the big screen (or any other screen for that matter).

This brings me back to my blog. I will be describing my trek into the film world and writing production diaries. My Goal at the moment is to get into an MA film school. I will detail the things I get right and the times I have to kick myself.

I’m in my final year at University studying Creative Writing and want film school to be the next chapter of my life. To stand a chance of getting in I need to create a fantastic film portfolio that makes me stand out.

So with this in mind next week I will be in London attending a certificate course at the London Film Academy (LFA). This is a month long course to give some professional training that I desperately need. I will keep you posted on my time there.


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