Last Minute Planning

(Originally posted 05/12/09)

I’m first up out of the four films we are making this week and I found that the day before was to be one hell of a busy day. The morning was full of production meetings about scheduling, equipment booking and paper work (contracts, health & safety that sort of thing). In the break I jotted down my storyboard that only I could understand then we had a private meeting with the tutors in our teams. This meeting was in a way a checklist ticking off the things we had to do for our shoot (i.e. call list, schedule, health & safety, shot list). Then it got to the file load of paper work that needed to be filled in. However lucky me got out of this as that was the producers job and my actors had just turned up for a rehearsal. As director this was where my priorities lay.

The rehearsals went really well. The actors and I went up to the studio in the LFA were there was plenty of room to rehearse. First off I got the actors talking so we all got to know each other a little more. I took them through the storyboards before we started rehearsing the whole thing. In short the actors were great. They got into their roles straight away giving me the scenes I wanted and adding more to some. We then went out to take some photos of them interacting with each other as these stills will be props needed for shooting.

After getting the actors to sign their contracts they went off to prepare for the shoot. But the day was not over for me. The producer and DOP started the game rolling by booking the equipment out ready and I got to go off with my 1st AD (assistant director) to discuss the shoot. She and I went through the shots and worked out a shot schedule and fitted it into the time schedule we were hopefully going to stick to on the day.


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