Catch Up Part 3 – Editing

(Originally posted 21/12/09)

35mm Film

On the first day of editing we went ‘old school’ with linear editing.

We had the opportunity to edit film using scissors and tape. Teaching this was Brian Blamey who was Stanley Kubrick’s sound editor on A Clockwork Orange (1971). Editing like this was something I always wanted to try.

The rest of the week was set aside for us to edit our films on the computers. We used Avid which is a good editing program (although I prefer Final Cut Pro). It was very hard to put the shots together as we had mainly only master shots that gave us coverage of the story. This was because of the tight timing on the day of the shoot, I wasn’t able to shoot a lot of the close ups and cutaways because of time. This gave us little to work with in Avid.

With the visuals edited together the look of the film was less than ideal; then we started adding sound and the whole thing changed. With music and some well timed sound effects the film become funny and a lot more enjoyable.


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